Ten Benefits of Using Folding Cartons (Collapsible Rigid Boxes)


Pop-up boxes, Collapsible boxes, or Fold flat boxes… We love packaging 🙂


Fold Flat Box Manufacturing

The collapsable rigid box

Great business owners know that packaging plays a big role in the overall success of their products. Some even claim, with 100% certainty, that packaging is as important as the product itself, if not more important. And we agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Product packaging helps you establish your brand image, it differentiates you from other companies and works as a great marketing tool in the promotional advertisement.

The reasons we mentioned lead to the conclusion that packaging greatly impacts customer decision making, which directly influences the sales and growth of a company. Initial growth is extremely important for new emerging companies, and that’s why smart business owners focus on packaging as much as on their product.

You have probably seen numerous examples where a well-known and well-established company changes their packaging design, and many of us would think that something like that happens because the original design seemed outdated. But the truth is, in most cases, there was a dip in the sales, and the easiest way to get their numbers back to normal, or increase them, is by changing the packaging design. You would agree, it’s much easier to change the packaging than it is to change the product itself.

However, when it comes to packaging, the design is not the only concern of a business owner. We have to take into consideration the quality and functionality, size and shape, distribution and storage, and cost-effectiveness of a packaging.

Taking these factors into consideration is especially important for those in the field of medical and genetic testing since the contents of a package tend to be fragile.

The best packaging solution for medical and genetic testing companies, or any company that is looking for smarter packaging alternatives is, by far, a Collapsible Rigid Box from Influence Communications. Here are the reasons why:

1. Collapsible Rigid Box is stronger than standard paper packaging

Each company strives and puts a lot of effort in manufacturing the best product, no matter the type. And one of the biggest concerns is safeguarding that product and delivering it to the customer in mint condition. Here is where quality packaging comes into play.

The collapsible rigid box is made with paperboard which comes in different weights, ranging from 16 to 28 points thick. The paperboard has superior traits such as rigidity and foldability, making it perfect for packaging because it can be easily formed, yet still be structurally strong enough to keep the contents of a package secure.

These boxes can also be made with a corrugated board which can provide additional support and safety for companies that are manufacturing heavier products.

2. Collapsible Rigid Boxes ship flat

One of the many issues companies have to think about, when it comes to packaging, is the price of shipping, especially when it’s overseas shipping in question.
Collapsible rigid boxes are constructed in a way so that they can be easily folded flat, unlike standard rigid boxes which retain their structure. By folding them flat, the footprint of collapsible rigid boxes is greatly reduced which directly reduces the freight costs. This makes collapsible rigid boxes convenient to transport, economical and cost-effective in the long run.

3. Folding Carton boxes store flat

In addition to being shipped flat, our boxes can also be stored flat.
The material used to make collapsible rigid boxes is lightweight and thin; hence it takes up less storage space which immensely reduces warehouse costs.

4. Handcrafted in China our collapsible rigid boxes are priced for superior value

The one thing that would be considered as a downside of the collapsible rigid box is the price. Usually, manufacturing fold flat boxes costs more than manufacturing standard rigid boxes, but there is a good reason for that.

Our collapsible rigid boxes are handcrafted in China and made out of high-quality paperboard that offers superior foldability and toughness.

Even though collapsible rigid boxes are priced higher than regular rigid boxes, in the long run, they prove to be more cost-effective because they can be shipped and stored flat.

5. Easy assembly

We already mentioned that our collapsible rigid boxes have superior foldability which makes them incredibly easy to assemble. All that is required to assemble our boxes is simple squaring of the tray and closing up the lid.

Since our boxes are easily assembled, in a matter of seconds, they will save you a lot of time and money.

6. Permanent rigid box with magnetic closure

Influence Communications manufactures collapsible rigid boxes with peel and stick corners that create a permanent rigid box strong enough to protect and safeguard your product. There are four adhesive strips on each corner of the box.

The closure is immensely important as it holds tight the contents of a package. We always use the best, strongest magnets that will keep the box closed shut. The magnets are located on the front panel of the box, and they are completely invisible.

7. Creative designs

The best part about our boxes is the fact that they are customizable and they can be made in various styles, shapes, and sizes.

Our collapsible rigid boxes can be printed with four color graphics or wrapped with luxury covering materials such as satin or gloss. Amongst many design options, our boxes can be decorated with foil stamping or screen printing.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good packaging design; a beautifully designed collapsible rigid box can easily maximize sales and enhance the visibility of your product.

8. Additional Accessories

In addition to quality and design, we also offer accessories for our collapsible rigid boxes.

The most popular accessory is a simple handle that easily transforms your box into a tote-box or kit.

9. Easily repurposed

Because of the way our collapsible rigid boxes are constructed and designed, they can be easily repurposed as storage boxes or simply decorative boxes.

This continues to promote your product and brand in second life, which is a highly effective advertisement.

10. Recyclable

Nowadays, all companies are required to use eco-friendly solutions, whether they like it or not.

With our boxes, you can minimize your negative impact on the environment. The paperboard we use to make our collapsible rigid boxes is recyclable and renewable, which contributes to reducing landfill waste materials.